Since the end of 2009, I have also been crafting a business on YouTube. My channel, ElectricDragon505, contains hundreds of videos that would mainly discuss about animation and Disney, including hit series like Animation Lookback, AniMat’s Reviews, The Epic Mickey Files, several Top 10s, The Art of AniMat and many more. Over the years, the channel has gathered over 80 000 subscribers and my videos gathered a combined total of over 35 million views. Throughout my YouTube career, I’ve mostly been a one-man show, where I end up doing all the writing, voiceovers, filming and editing. However, I would be lying if I say that I worked on all the videos by myself.

This also would present my skills not only as a voice actor and a performer, but also as a writer, cinematographer, a sound mixer & editor, an editor and a small business manager.

Click here to come check out my YouTube channel, or you can look at some of the videos below to get a good example of my video producing works